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Path to becoming a Professional Golfer

After wrapping up his professional career in the NFL, NBA and MLB. Bob needed to have knee surgery to repair years of damage. 2 weeks after the surgery, he was out playing golf with 3 of his friends. He was planning to use a full year to recover but from seeing how he dominated the golf course, he was ready to give Q school a try.


From there, Bob could have to play the full year and stay in the top 10 or once he won 3 events, he would receive his PGA card invitation. In true fashion, Bob went out and won his first 3 tournaments by a combined 20 strokes and receiving his invitation to the PGA Tour and officially becoming a Professional Golfer

Golf Club Open.jpg

Bob decided to spend some time with 3 of his fan club in a 2v2 alternate shot match. As you can see per domination by Bob and Curt. Allen tried his best but when Byron makes 0 putts you just can't overcome that type of performance from your teammate. 


The 3rd tournament that Clutch entered was the Southern Open Championship. Bob entered this tournament with his knee being at 85% since the surgery. During the front 9, Clutch had to jump in the pond on hole 6 to save a squirrel and while doing so reinjured his knee. Even with the aggravation of his knee injury he went on to win the event by 10 strokes and captured his 3rd straight PGA tour event trophy. 

Davis entered a star studded field at Q school which was the first step to getting his PGA card. He could have took the easy route as he was already offered the card from the PGA but he wanted to prove his capabilities. Boy did he ever, he won the Q school event by 7 strokes to qualify for the Korn Ferry Tour.


Bob entered his first PGA tournament with a 145 person field. He didnt know what to fully expect as he was still only 80% from his knee surgery. Bob went out and had a solid weekend of golf which resulted in him picking up his 1st of soon to be many Tournament titles. Please welcome your 2021 The Golf Club Open Champion -



Next after dominating the amateur rank with his 2v2 fan club, Bob went on to play in the Shriners Open. Ole Clutch loves the kids and this charitable organization so he wanted to put on a show and a show he put on. Bob won the event by 7 strokes to capture his 2nd straight PGA victory. 

Southern Open.jpg
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